"What differentiates you from many of the conference speakers I have heard before is your ability to capture the audience by transforming your presentation into a vivid learning experience.

I have seen the behaviour of our team change in such a positive way that I feel your ability to achieve this is a rare skill. Your appreciation of our industry and your ability to discuss with such philosophical insight is truly inspirational and highly motivating."

Peter Nikoletatos, Operations Manager BHP

"I believe that your message is of over-riding importance for the restoration and enhancement of human values which can only take place through the kind if deep philosophical and theological reflection which you so articulately provide.

You possess an amazing ability to reduce complicated and involved philosophical arguments to simple terms, without distorting the deeper truths they express.

Your charisma easily captures audiences, and draws affectionate response from people from all strata of society."

B.Bruce Johnston, Director, International College of Health & Fitness

"Your presentation was one of the highlights of the conference.

You have inspired many of our people to alter their approach to their business and personal lives to enhance their effectiveness"

.Greg Campbell, M.L.C. Financial Planning Services.

"Your message gave our members renewed awareness for the necessity of more personal contact with clients, customers, family and the community, rather than relying on contact through machines.

Thankyou for the marvellous contributions you made towards the success of our event."

Paul Jensen, Executive Director, Raine & Horne.

"Congratulations and thanks for the fantastic job you did for us as the keynote speaker at our convention at Couran Cove Resort.

To hold an audience like ours entranced for two hours, was outstanding.

To receive an ovation from the same group was astonishing.

You introduced thoughts and proposals to them, which tested and stretched their minds and they loved it.

Your presentation was truly the highlight of the convention."

Andrew Clark, Managing Director, The Silverlake Group.

"As we approach the end of a successful year, we take this opportunity to acknowledge your untiring efforts and persistent dedication towards participating with us. Your research and innovative ideas are greatly appreciated by our readers who extol your brilliant virtues."

Kathy, Openventio Publishers

"Your thinking in this area is extremely innovative and important, and the articulate way in which you challenge your audience to reflect in moral terms is most impressive. The impact you have had on our staff and students continues to grow. Luncheon table discussions quite regularly refer to one or other of the sociocultural paradoxes you point out in your Keynote Address, and in your other Publications."

Dr. Chtira, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka


Excerps from full testimonials of some of Professor Laura's Ph.D students both past and present...

"Your generosity to me and to other of your students in need has profoundly influenced me, and it has in many ways, along with your academic and spiritual wisdom, transformed me into a better person. Thank you.

I have also been inspired not just by your extraordinary intellectual gifts, but especially by the way in which you share them. You openly share your visionary ideas with your doctoral students, but you do so in a way that nurtures in us the skill of critical reflection that allows us to understand and elaborate your ideas, and thus be shared owners of them with you. This dimension of your teaching has meant more than to me than you could ever know, and I will strive to share these ideas and the skills of critical reflection you instilled in me with my own students."

Anh Chien (Ph.D, University of Newcastle)

"Having just been confirmed into the Doctoral program, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the extraordinary supervision and ongoing mentorship you have provided me over many years. If it were not for your inspiring undergraduate lectures that made us all think about the value of learning about the things that help us to help other people and thus to make the world a better place, I would never have made the decision to do my Honours and Masters Degree under your visionary Principal Supervision. Because of your committed mentorship, I graduated with First Class Honours and was awarded a Research Prize for my Masters."

Mark (Ph.D, University of Newcastle)

"Your way of explaining things is awesome. Being an international student, I was sceptical in the beginning about teachers behaviour but you are a wonderful and very cooperative professor. You are a true teacher. You support me in education as well as in overcoming the obstacles in my life. It was a wonderful experience having you as my guide and brilliant mentor."

Deepshitkha (Ph.D, University of Newcastle) 

"The meticulous effort you have consistently made to help me develop my thesis research has been far more than I expected. You are a brilliant scholar and a truly extraordinary teacher. I have been greatly helped by your prodigious efforts to raise the level of my philosophical conceptualisation which afforded me the critical tools for building the strong theoretical foundation upon which my thesis has been built."

Stephen (Ph.D, Univserity of Newcastle)

"So it gives me great pleasure and reassurance, when I come into contact with wonderful, inspiring, incredibly talented individuals like yourself - who see something valuable in what it is that I am doing, and what it is that I have to offer this community."

Amber (Ph.D, University of Newcastle)

"Thank you for exceeding my expectations as my Principal Supervisor in every way I have never been in the presence of anyone with such charisma and genius. Without your help on my confirmation paper, I would have been lost, and without a paper. You opened my mind and heart to what I really wanted to do my doctorate on and I now know I have found my mission in helping to save my country from violent religious conflict."

Felix (Ph.D, University of Newcastle)

"His knowledge reservoir is deep and he has taught me more about my topic and about what matters in life than anyone I have ever known. This commitment of his to his students is a very rare gift ,and his doctoral seminars at his home where he challenges our minds and cooks delicious Italian food every week for us is a symbol to me of his care for us and his continuous effort to touch our minds and also our hearts."

Naruemon (Ph.D, University of Newcastle)

"You are a brilliant scholar and a truly extraordinary teacher to whom I owe a debt of gratitude not easily captured by words. I am most grateful to you for this unique learning experience, and it is to be hoped that I can one day in my own teaching career, unselfishly share with students my own ideas and give them a sense of your enthusiasm for life, profound love of learning, and commitment to making the world a better place, hoping to do this for them as graciously as you have done for me."

Dan (Ph.D, University of Newcastle)