Health & Fitness Speaking Engagements

Dr Laura has presented keynote addresses, and has hosted and judged various events in Australia and globally. His expertise within the health and fitness arena is expansive having created the renowned Matrix Training System now known as Matrix Quick Fit (MQF), trained professional atheletes, as well as published numerous books and articles on health, fitness and body-building.  

Professor Ron Laura is available for group clinics, seminars, workshops and corporate events in the following areas:

  • Lifestyle coaching and total transformation
  • Matrix Quick Fit (MQF) program.
  • Matrix Mindpower and the priniciples of mindfulness and self-empowerment 
  • Quantum strategies for lifetime fitness.  
  • Drugs in sport and the repercussions.
  • Holistic approach to life and longevity.
Book Engagement
Matrix Quick Fit