Feature Articles

Professor Laura has served on the editorial boards of many Scholarly Journals. Dr Laura has been a  feature writer Muscle and Fitness magazine US and Australia, and Flex magazine. He has also been a feature writer for other fitness and health magazines, including Muscle Power (UK), Australian Fitness and Training, Pump, Triathlon, The Coach, Nature and Health Magazine, and was a feature health column writer for the internationally well-known woman's magazine, Vogue. More recently, Dr Laura has written and co-authored numerous academic papers and, writes feature articles for automotive magazines such as Torque of the Town, and online publications such as Women's Health Open Journal. Here are some of Dr Laura's recent articles.   

International Journal of Management and Economics Invention: The Integral Role played by Soft Skills in Advancing Business Management Success I By: Thi Thu Hang Truong, Ronald S. Laura, & Kylie Shaw 

Women's Health Open Journal: Iron Deficiency in Women I Ronald S. Laura

Journal of Education and Culture Studies: An Examination of the Technology of Specialised Soft Skill Sets Deployed in Business Sectors from Four Different Regions of the Globe I By: Thi Thu Hang Truong, Ronald S. Laura & Kylie Shaw

International Journal of Current Research: New Frontiers of Religious Education I By: Steven Grose and Ronald S. Laura

Women's Health Open Journal: If You Think Alcohol Consumption is Not Harmful : Think Again! I By: Ronald S. Laura

Educational Philosophy and Theory: The Contribution of Aboriginal Epistemologies to Mathematics Education in Australia: Exploring the Silences I By: Ronald S. Laura

International Journal of Asian Social Sciences: Assimilation Patterns of Migrant Students in China:An Exploration of Their Implications for Mathematics Outcomes I By: Ting Liu & Ronald S. Laura

Women's Health Open Journal: From Menstruation to Menopause: Have We Medicalised the Physiology of Normalcy? (Part 1) I By: Ronald S. Laura

Women's Health Open Journal: The Medicalisation of Menstruation: Its Scope and Limits (Part 2) I By: Ronald S. Laura

Journal of Health Sciences and Nursing: Exploring the Impact of Specialisation as it Relates to Medical and Health Education and its Implications for Advancing Community Health I By: Bruce Johnston & Ronald S. Laura

Journal of Education and Culture Studies: Frontiers in Environmental Education: Philosophical Reflections on the Impact of Power Epistemology and Consumerist Pedagogy in Environmental Education I Ronald S.Laura and Ting Liu

Women's Health Open Journal: Hormone Replacement Therapy: Its Risks and Benefits for WomenI By: Ronald S. Laura

Asian Journal of Social Science Studies: The Technologisation of Education and the Pathway to Depersonalisation and Dehumanisation I By: Ronald S. Laura, and Fraser Hannam

Women's Health Open Journal: Pregnant Women Never Drink Alone (Part 1) I By: Ronald S. Laura
Women's Open Health Journal: Anyone for a Quick Drink? (Part 2) I By: Ronald S. Laura

Women's Health Open Journal: What Women Should Know About Alcohol Abuse and the Sexual Exploitation of Females of all Ages (Part 3) I By: Ronald S. Laura

Women's Health Open Journal: Alcohol Abuse, Women, and Domestic Violence (Part 4) I By: Ronald Laura