Academic Speaking Engagements

Professor Laura has presented Keynote addresses in Australia and around the globe, including the USA, Italy, England, France, China, India, and Sri Lanka where he has shared his expertise and insights in a number of areas within the philosophy of leadership in higher education, quantum physics and exercise physiology. Professor Ronald Laura is a pioneer of what he calls the "New Renaissance Approach to Educational Pedagogy." He regards his research as 'trams-disciplinary' but the approach to understanding subtlety comes from his analysis of its multifaceted elaboration.

Dr. Ron Laura is available for conference, seminars, workshops and corporate events covering the following areas:

  • True leadership in higher education.
  • Educational epistomology and ontology
  • EFL Teaching and Learning
  • Empathy and moral issues in society 
  • His philosophy of health, technology, nature and religion.
  • The dehumanising effects and limits of technology in an ever-changing world.
Book Engagement
Dr. Ron Laura has presented keynote addresses in Australia and around the globe
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