Professional Bio of Dr. Ron Laura

Dr Ron Laura also known as 'The Renaissance Professor' is a prolific author, lifestyle strategist and entrepreneur who is currently a Senior Professor at The University of Newcastle, where he was the youngest professor ever appointed in Australia. With a great passion for learning and teaching, he was fortunate to be educated at three prestigious Universities: Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford (where got his D.Phil). Dr Laura now supervises 25 doctoral candidates in a range of fields in the philosophy of education, lifestyle and wellbeing.

He is also the creator of a revolutionary system of exercise physiology called Matrix Quick Fit (MQF). A program that Dr. Laura created for accelerated muscular development, fitness and total body transformation. With 48 Matrix principles, some of which form the basis of BodyPump and MegaPump, it is a system that exceeds conventional methods, and gains exceptional results. Through a holistic philosophy of health and overall wellbeing, Dr. Laura strives to help people find their true purpose in life, and to discover a deeper meaning of what it is to be our absolute best, and live life with passion, success and genuine happiness because it is the destiny of each of us to reach our potential and beyond.

To share his extensive knowledge and philosophies, Dr. Laura has published 44 books and more than 400 articles on exercise physiology, quantum physics, health and wellbeing as well as the area of philosophy in higher education. He has also been invited to be a Keynote Speaker on the global stage. In recognition of his achievements, he was named Professional of the Year in Higher Education by Who's Who Worldwide 2014, and Top Health and Fitness Leader by Who's Who Worldwide 2015 and 2016. Among other accolades he also earned an award for 20 years of community service from Hands On Health, and he has offered his expertise on television, radio and magazine segments on a national scope. With no intention of slowing down, Dr Laura intends to continue teaching, motivating and changing the lives of people globally through his unique style of Life Coaching and his Matrix Quick Fit (MQF) program.

Dr Laura is conversant in 12 languages, and resides in one of the beautiful harbours of Sydney.

Extended Professional Bio of Professor Laura
Dr. Ron Laura, "The Renaissance Professor"